R Package Questions and Answers

The post is about some important R package questions and answers. The R Package Questions and Answers are about how to load, install, and remove an R package.

R Package Questions and Answers

Question: What is an R Package?
Answer: The r package is a collection of objects that the R Language can use. A package contains functions, data sets, and documentation (which helps how to use the package) or other objects such as dynamically loaded libraries of already compiled code.

Question: How do I see which packages I have available?
Answer: To see which packages you have to use the command at the R prompt


Question: Which packages do I already have?
Answer: To see what packages are installed one can use the installed.packages() command an R prompt. The output will show the packages installed.


Loading R Packages

Question: How one can load a Package in R language?
Answer: Basic packages are already loaded. If you want to load a downloaded version of packages use the command

library("package name")

where the package name is the name of the package you want to load. Here in the example, we used the “car”, which means the “car” package will be loaded.

Getting Help in R Language

Question: How one can see the documentation of a particular package?
Answer: To see the documentation of a particular package use the command

library(help="package name")
help(package="package name")

for more information about getting help follow the link: Getting Help in R Language

Question: How do I see the help for a specific function?
Answer: To get help with a function in R use the command

help("function name")
? function name

Question: What functions and datasets are available in a package?
Answer: To check what functions and datasets are in a package using the help command at the R prompt. This will provide package information giving a list of functions and datasets.

help(package = "MASS")

Note that once a package is loaded, the help command can also be used with all available functions and datasets.

Installing and Removing R Packages

Question: How can one add or delete a package?
Answer: A package can be installed using the command

install.packages("package name")

and a package can be removed or deleted using the command

remove.packages("package name")
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