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The book “Practicing R for Statistical Computing” is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to R language for data presentation, manipulation, and statistical data analysis. The book covers fundamentals of data structures in R language such as vectors, matrices, arrays, and lists, along with techniques for exploratory data analysis, the transformation of the data, and its manipulation. The book explains basic statistical concepts and demonstrates their implementation including descriptive statistics, graphical representation of data, probability, popular probability distributions, and hypothesis testing. It also explores linear and non-linear modeling, model selection, and diagnostic tools available in R.

The book also covers flow control and conditional computation by using ‘if’ conditions and loops. A useful discussion is also done about functions and resources for further learning. It provides an extensive list of functions grouped according to statistics classification, which can be helpful for both statisticians and R programmers. The use of different graphic devices, high-level and low-level graphical procedures, and adjustment of parameters are also explained. Throughout the book, R commands, functions, and objects are printed in different fonts for understanding and easy identification. The possible standard errors, warnings, and mistakes by users in the R language are also discussed and classified with explanations on how to prevent them.

Chapter-wise downloadable R code files from Practicing R for Statistical Computing are:

Chapter 1: R Language: Introduction

Chapter 2: Obtaining and Installing R Language

Chapter 3: Using R as a Calculator

Chapter 4: Data Mode and Data Structure

Chapter 5: Working with Data

Chapter 6: Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 7: Probability and Probability Distributions

Chapter 8: Confidence Intervals and Comparison Tests

Chapter 9: Correlation & Regression Analysis

Chapter 10: Graphing in R

Chapter 11: Control Flow: Selection and Iteration

Chapter 12: Functions and R Resources

Chapter 13: Common Errors and Mistakes

Chapter 14: Functions for Better Programming

Chapter 15: This chapter lists the widely used built-in functions (No R code exists)

Chapter 16: This chapter lists several important R packages (No R code exists)


Muhammad Aslam is Professor in the Department of Statistics at Bahauddin Zakariya University,

Muhammad Imdad Ullah is Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at Ghazi University,

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