R Basic Quiz 7

R Basic Quiz: The R language is a free and open source language developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1991 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The R Language is used for statistical computing and graphics to clean, analyze, and graph your data.

This quiz is about R Basics, covering the topics of R sequence operator, R objects, R Environment, and many more.

1. The file “.RData” in the current R session is


2. What does CRAN stand for _________ ?


3. R was named partly after the first names of _____________ R authors?


4. A sequence of integer values can be created using operator


5. R is an _____________ programming language


6. The R console is a tool that is used to write (insert) standard


7. Which of the following describe R Language best


8. Factors in R, are used to represent the


9. R Language functionality is divided into a number of ________


10. The ______________ is your current R working environment that includes user-defined objects


11. Which of the following software isused for statistical analysis in R


12. ___________ developed R language


13. In 1991 R Language was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in the department of statistics at the University of ____________.


14. GUI stands for


15. In R, an object name cannot start with