MCQs R Debugging 6

In R Language, the debug() function allows the user to step through the function’s execution, line by line. At any point, we can print out values of variables or produce a graph of the results within the function. These MCQs are about Debugging in R language using different functions.

MCQs about Debugging and Traceback in R Language

1. What does the traceback( ) function do?


2. When should the traceback( ) function be called?


3. Debugging is the process of


4. Which function is better for analyzing fast-running functions: profvis( ) or microbenchmark( )?


5. What does calling trace(“f”) for function “f( )” do


6. What is the microbenchmark package useful for?


7. What does the profvis( ) function do?


8. Which of the following functions allows you to temporarily insert pieces of code into other functions to modify their behavior?


9. Which of the following functions initiates an interactive debugging environment that allows you to step through code one expression at a time?


10. What does the Rprof( ) function do?